Skincare with Intention: Clean, Sustainable Beauty That Nurtures Your Skin and the Planet

at Nuttere Buttere Skincare, we believe that taking care of your skin is an act of self-care. That's why we create results-driven products for both body and hair, using ethically sourced ingredients.

A Message From Our Founder

Nuttere Buttere Cremes Skincare is more than just a skincare brand. It's a lifestyle choice for those who believe that taking care of your skin should be a mindful and intentional act. Our commitment to using sustainably-sourced ingredients isn't just good for the planet - it's good for your skin too. By nourishing your skin with our products every day, you can enjoy the confidence that comes with having smooth, healthy-looking skin. Let Nuttere Buttere Skincare be a part of your self-care routine, and discover the transformative power of intentional skincare.

Our Story

Nuttere Buttere Cremes Skincare was founded on the frustration of struggling to find effective skincare products for my family's dry skin. After years of wasted money and harsh chemicals, my mother-in-law suggested natural ingredients like shea butter. As I delved into the skincare industry, I realized the lack of transparency and sustainability in many products claiming to be "all natural."
I was inspired to create healthy skincare options for all skin types using only clean ingredients. We refused to include harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives like dyes or mica powder in our formula. Our commitment to sustainability led us to use reusable and eco-friendly packaging.
Overall, Nuttere Buttere Cremes Skincare is dedicated to providing effective, conscious, and inclusive skincare that promotes healthy living and sustainability. Our vision is to curate clean and safe skincare that benefits both our bodies and the environment.

Our Mission

Nuttere Buttere Cremes Skincare is committed to being a consciously clean and inclusive skincare and wellness brand. Our mission is to disrupt the global skincare industry by increasing accessibility, transparency, and sustainability in all aspects of our products. We believe in responsible sourcing of our shea butter, creating homemade products that are safe and effective, and representing everyone involved in our business with dignity and respect. Our goal is to curate clean and safe skincare that not only benefits our bodies but also the environment. We aim to empower individuals to make conscious choices about the products they use, and to promote healthy, natural skincare for all.